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Candied Peel

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A great way to use up leftover peel, and you won’t believe how much better it tastes than the diced shop bought stuff.  We’ve just started using it to decorate Hudson’s “Lemon Drizzle” cake – my personal favourite.

So far I’ve only made candied lemon peel (altough double the quantity here), but I’m in the process of trying out some grapefruit – leftovers from our daily breakfast grapefruit. [1]


8 juiced lemons (4 oranges, or 2 grapefruits) [2]
4 cups sugar (+ extra for dusting)
2 cups water

  • Put the peel into a saucepan and cover it with water by a couple of centimetres.
  • Bring it to the boil and reduce to a simmer until the peel is tender when prodded with a knife (about 10-15 minutes)
  • Leave it to cool.
  • Use a teaspoon to scrape out the pulp and the and as much of the white rind as possible. What you have left will look very thin (I thought I’d scraped out too much the first time I did it)
  • Cut the peel into whatever shapes you like – I use triangles (good for decorating) but you can also use strips.
  • Put the peel into a pan with the sugar and water, heat until the sugar is dissolved and the syrup is simmering.  Stir occassionally to stop the sugar catching.
  • The syrup should submerge the peel, if it doesn’t add water and sugar in the same ratio as above until it does.
  • Simmer until the peel looks translucent and the syup has thickened.
  • Turn up the heat and bubble until the syrup reches the thread stage (a thread is formed when you our syrup off a spoon)
  • Remove from the heat and cool for 5 minutes.
  • Spread the peel on a wire rack, or on greaseproof paper, using a slotted spoon – be careful as it will still be hot.
  • Leave to dry overnight.
  • Toss the cooled peel in granulated sugar – we found that using a large jar with some sugar in and shaking it worked well.
  • Store in an airtight container.

You can use the remaining syrup in other recipes (drinks, poaching fruits, on icecream, etc).

Another option is to make candied orange peel and dip it in melted dark chocolate – it makes a great after dinner nibble or gift.


[1] I try to buy locally grown ingredients wherever possible, but I couldn’t give up my grapefruits. That sharp tang wakes me up every morning.

[2] If you’re not sure what to do with all the juice, why not try the Lemon, Ginger & Mint Cordial recipe

Written by hudsons

June 26, 2009 at 6:04 pm